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Campaign automation

The automation module makes it possible for the administrator to put in place a campaign creation policy so that campaigns are created forward and under certain circumstances. From here, as an administrator, you can find it by going to the “Campaigns” tab.

The module consists of two parts:

To create the first automation, select “Campaigns” from the menu, and then “New Automation.” In the “Rules” section, adjust the necessary parameters. These will flow out to the preview window on the right side of the screen. E.g.: click on the plus in “Who should get the email” and select “Random percentage of users”. In the “Percentage” field, you can enter a value of 50. Further, you can click on the plus in the “When is it to be sent” section, and then select “Indicated day of the week” and then choose Friday from the list. This is how the “send Friday anything by any email to any phishing portal to half of the employees” system was built. If you want to change “whatever” to something specific, then just add entries using pluses.

If the calculation preview on the right meets the requirements, then just click on the plus in the “Schedule” section, and then select on which day of the of the month the rule should calculate. You can select “January 6.” Then every 6th of January, the rule “send Friday anything by email to any phishing portal to half of the employees” will be triggered. You can add more dates to the schedule accordingly, or choose “every month” so that you don’t have to click through 12 rules.

At the top right are 2 buttons: