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Connecting to an Azure domain

If you have an administrator account in Microsoft 365 and an administrative account in okKoala, then it only takes a few clicks to enable managed synchronization for users.

  1. log in with your administrative account to the koala panel.
  2. From the main menu on the left, select Settings.
  3. select Integration.
  4. click Connect to Azure Active Directory.
  5. log in with your admin account on the Azure AD side.

Methods of groups synchronization

Name Description
None No group will be synchronized
M365 groups All M365 groups are downloaded (note: this does not apply to distribution groups), and group members become assigned to a particular tag in Koala
Department If an employee has a “department” entry as a property of an Azure AD object, they will be assigned to groups based on that
All Combines the operation of M365 Groups and Department through the sum of sets

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Timing of synchronization

Name Description
On-demand Press the “Synchronize” button in this Settings > Integration
Scheduled Select the CRON option next to this AAD account from which you want to run synchronization through the portal. This occurs daily, around 3:00 AM

How do we ensure security?

Importantly, we do not keep any form of administrator password, nothing gets installed. Koala will be in possession of a token that must be used once a day, which says to Microsoft so much: okKoala application on behalf of user XYZ wants to use the ability to list users and the groups to which those users belong. It does not allow you to edit any information, nor to retrieve additional information. The veracity of the description of this mechanism can be checked by making an appointment to audit the code according to okKoala’s agreements / regulations.