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Domain validation

In order for the okKoala service to be used only to test its employees, an email domain ownership validation module has been introduced. This involves adding a corresponding DNS entry within each account so as to confirm being the administrator of the domain in question. Without this, you won’t be able to add user accounts, and thus won’t be able to send phishing attacks to outsiders.

To validate a domain, log into the administration panel. On the left side, select “Settings” and then “Trusted domains”. Click on “Register domain” and enter the name. Note: enter the full name, the platform does not support subdomains in the form of * If necessary, you need to add several domains separately. The platform will display a table that tells you the DNS entry you need to enter, such as:

Wartość okkoala=fMzl+0mzhfgBOd+4wd5JWqpCnoebM7144cv7AEAoaAA=
TTL 3600

Wait a while and check if the added value is already available. If yes, press “Verify domain”. Remember that after running DNS changes, sometimes you will have to wait up to 24-48h.

The “default login” parameter

Each user can log in in two ways. You can set a preferred login method, which will be selected for newly created accounts. The administrator will still be able to change the login method, but most likely for 99% of users you will need to maintain consistency.

The “restricted” parameter

After registering a domain, you can enable the “restricted” parameter. Then you will not be able to add the same domain in another okKoala account. There can be only one exclusive domain in the system at the same time. If there are several domain registrations, to include in one of them “restricted” will not remove the validation of domains in other accounts. The complexity of this mechanism is needed for organizations that work across several continents on the same email domain, want to have “their Koala to themselves.”