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First campaign

You need to log in to okkoala.com in an account that has administrator privileges. From the bar on the left, select the Campaigns tab and then “New Campaign.”

Meaning of specific form fields

Form section Additional description
Name You can name the campaign to make it easier to find later. Focus on its purpose, e.g. test campaign, company-wide test, accounting department test, etc.
To whom? You can send the campaign to everyone, but you can also address it to a smaller target group. The number of recipients must not be too large or too small for the chosen template to be effective and catch as many people as possible.
By selecting the date and time of the mailing, you can schedule the campaign for any date in the future. About 15 minutes before the mailing, the campaign settings are locked and cannot be edited. Until then, you will be able to change any settings.
What? You can choose the template to be sent and the phishing portal to which the user should be redirected when they click on the link
How? This is where you choose the method of transmission, that is, from which mailbox the mailing will be released. Typically, one chooses an email that matches the template or portal.