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Reactions API

This is a module that is responsible for collecting information from phishing portals. Production-wise, it is available at reactions.api.okkoala.com. It exhibits one functionality: saving the reaction information. The reaction can be the display of a template, rendering of the application (running javascript), user clicking on it, going to training, etc.

A reaction is a tuple that contains information about:

Due to the fact that only tokens (not users) can see the responses, okKoala within the platform protects users’ personal information. Only after collecting additional information (from the token database) can one tell about the actions carried out by the users in question.

Moreover, staff turnover does not necessarily lead to a loss of statistical data, which, due to regulations, must and will be stripped of information about the user data, but will not lead to a loss of data and its value in cyber modeling of user behavior.

To create an event, call the following endpoint:

POST /create
Host: reactions.api.okkoala.com
Authorization: abc...xyz
Content-Type: application/json

    name: "SOME_EVENT",
    value: "123abc",
    id_audit: "1234567890"