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The following synonyms can be used interchangeably: directory, company directory, organization, tenant, company account, etc. It is a separate unit of the site that has its own employees, administrators, campaigns, verified domains and settings.

An organization should use a single directory as long as:

If there is at least one premise listed above, divide management into min. 2 directories, within which administrator access can be shared in any way. You can make it so that there will be one account global administrator for the two directories, and each directory will have its own set of user administrators. Or you could do a complete separation of the directories so that no user is in two directories at the same time. Such decisions have to be made in abeyance:

To ensure order, it is necessary to create such a set of directories to which a single, serial employee will not be connected to several directories at the same time. He will then receive one phishing campaign from each directory, which will cause overload of the employee’s mailbox and chaos in terms of organization.

Under the highest tier of support (Professional), you can plan to merge / distribute data between directories using service support work.