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Uploading CSV

This is one of the options for managing a collection of employee accounts is to upload a CSV file. Log in to Koala using an account with administrator privileges. Select “Employees” from the main menu, then click on “Import data”.

If you want to prepare such a table, for example:

First Name Last Name Email Tags
John Doe john.doe@example.com Management
John Smith john.smith@example.com Employee, IT
Ann Doe ann.doe@example.com Employee, Accounting

It is then that the file to be sent will look like this:

First Name;Last Name;Email;Tags;

The tags in the last column are names that we can assign to users in a many-to-many relationship. One employee can be in multiple groups, and there can be multiple employees in one group.

If you value order, it will be useful to pull information such as the department in which someone works. This will allow you to do more precise campaigns and report on security status with departmental accuracy.