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What is a license?

There is no upper limit for adding user accounts to the site. If you have 10,000 employees, and 300 licenses, you can add everyone without much problem. There is also no problem with possible rotation by deleting/changing accounts. These activities are allowed as long as they do not negatively flow out of the entire service.

After adding a user, you need to assign a license, which will be visible as a red square next to the user’s name. Once the user is selected, just press “Add license” in the preview window. In case you need to speed this up, you can click “Add licenses for visible employees”. - this is below the current employee list. If you start filter by tags, for example, then licenses will be added only for people with that tag.

If you remove the license, the person at that point:

It is a good idea to take away the license when an employee is fired, because then you can assign the license to someone else.